Why real estate will never change

Sometimes I feel like a broken record talking about the flaws in how Agents charge the Public for real estate services.   Most people don’t understand it enough to even discuss it.   Most people don’t care until I explain how it affects THEIR wallet directly…. then they’re usually a little pissed off for a few minutes and then go right back to not caring again… as if it’s someone else’s problem.   Maybe they’re in denial?  Maybe they just don’t believe me?  Maybe they don’t fully understand how they’re losing money?the_thinking_cap

Here’s a blog article on the subject from people smarter than me.   Maybe THEY can convince you.  http://1000watt.net/2013/10/why-real-estate-will-never-change/

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How to Ask for home inspection repairs

 Gloucester Twp NJ real estate Home Inspections.

A buyer should ask ONLY for things that if not done, they would back out of the purchase of the home. This is a unique and personal choice based on the circumstances…. and that’s the type of advice and guidance a good agent can give you because they’ve been there with you thru the whole process.  image of a house

Some buyers try to “get something” from the seller just because they think they can. Some Agents try to enhance their buyer’s bargain by “seeing what they can get” from the seller. I find both approaches distasteful, dishonest and synonymous with stealing.

The home inspection is designed to give the buyer a chance to back out of a deal if they discover a major problem and to give the seller an opportunity to resolve a major problem that’s just been discovered. The home inspection is NOT an opportunity to give the seller your laundry list of repairs or improvements that you want done! This is NOT an opportunity for you to enhance your bargain. This is NOT the time to address repair issues that you could/should have seen with your own eyes before you made your offer. This is NOT the time to cover your own lack of home repair experience, your fear of home repair uncertainty or your lack home repair dollars by trying to shift YOUR responsibilities to the seller. If you bargained for an inexpensive home that needs work, that’s what you should get. If that’s not really what you want or what you can handle, then you should back out of the purchase and find another home instead of trying to get something for nothing from the seller.

Remember, ONLY ask for the items you’re willing to back out over. That’s not to say those items will be “reasonable” or even acceptable to the seller, but you will know exactly where you stand on the purchase and you won’t have any regrets later if you get the house or not. Good Luck!

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Agent Monkey knife fights & showing houses

In a Monkey knife fight, I’m not so sure I could beat a monkey… they’re pretty wiley. In fact, I think they could show a houses better than most real estate agents…. I know they could figure out the keys and locks…. and if Monkeys could actually drive a car, they might beat a lot of agents. monkey picture

But being a good agent is really about giving good ADVICE ! That’s why it still bugs the SHIT out of me when people Read more ›

Sunny Estates Williamstown NJ 08094, 52 Gregory Dr Home for sale

Williamstown, NJ Home for Sale, over 55 community, Sunny Estates

Play VisualTour

 Click to see the Virtual tour !   EASY Livin’ in Sunny Estates 55+ community in Williamstown on the border of Washington Twp, close to shopping, restaurants and the Home Depot.  Only 2 miles to AC Expressway and 12 miles to Philadelphia.   This clean 2BR 2Bth plus Den home has fresh white paint and easy care vinyl flooring thru out- great for scooters or allergies/asthma (carpets are optional).  The Kitchen has clean white cabinets, large island and eat in area plus extra storage/pantry cabinets.  There’s a large walk in closet and skylight in the bathroom.  Upgraded mini blinds are included, a storage shed and several ceiling fans too.   Relax on your expanded front porch and maintenance free exterior and don’t worry about paying TAXES, your lot lease payment includes property taxes, water and sewer bill.  Become a part of this meticulous community!  Call Joe Montenigro at REMAX Home Team TODAY… 856-374-2800 x106

213 Queen Anne Dr, Williamstown NJ 08094, Home for Sale, Open House

Hi Everyone,   It’s Joe Montenigro from REMAX Home Team with a short video about 213 Queen Anne Dr, Williamstown and see what REALLY happens behind the scenes at an Open House !

Thanks for Reading !
Joe Montenigro
REMAX Home Team

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12 W 7th Ave, Runnemede, NJ 08078 Home for sale


Hi Everyone,   It’s Joe Montenigro from REMAX Home Team with a short video about 12 W 7th Ave, Runnemede, NJ 08078 and a few tips for first time home buyers who think “Waiting for the Bottom” of the real estate market is a good idea….. NOT !

ATTENTION:  As of 4-18-11, this home is available for RENT.   see below for details. UPDATE….. 5-10-11…..Sorry tenants, we found a buyer who loves this house and is ready to buy now…. the house is now off the market.

RENT or RENT TO OWN in Convenient Runnemede, 3-4BR, 2 Full Bath, living room, eat in Kitchen, unfinished basement. Very convenient to RT 295 and NJ Turnpike exit 3.  Less than 10 minutes to Deptford Mall, walk to super WaWa and other stores on the Black Horse Pike.    This home has brand new carpeting and brand new vinyl floor, the kitchen cabinets are brand new with granite counters and upgraded appliances.  Brand new six panel interior doors and ceramic tile in both remodeled bathrooms.  It’s in move in condition and I’l bet it’s nicer than 99% of rentals out there today.

The rent is $1450 per month with up to $300/month credit toward the purchase.  The security deposit is $2,175.00.   I would also consider a Lease Purchase or a 3 year lease….this is important if you want to keep your kids in the same schools or don’t feel like moving every other year!  We will require a credit check, however, we understand reasonable credit explanations.  There is no refrigerator and no washer/dryer but hookups are in the basement.  There is a gas range, gas heat, central air, gas hot water heater, public water and public sewer, and newer vinyl windows.   You’ll need to mow the grass, shovel the snow and do all maintenance and repairs on the house…..There is no maintenace man on call !  YOU are are the maintenance man 🙂       You’ll pay for gas, electric, water, and sewer for Runnemede and sewer for Camden county.       

Lease Option.  Many people ask how much of the rent can be applied to the purchase.   This is determined by how much YOUR mortgage company will allow…..some only allow 3% of the purchase price but some will allow up to 6% of the purchase price.  If you got a $300 per month rent credit for 24 months, you could have $7,200 for your closing costs on the purchase of the house, subject to the limits set by your mortgage company.   Rent credits are non-refundable nor transferable to another property.

#1 Some landlords will make the first year rent cheap, just to get you in, then raise the rent later possibly forcing you to move again.   I don’t do that.
#2.  Some landlords want to sell the home, expecting you to show it to prospective buyers and then, move out if they sell it!  I don’t do that either.
#3, Some landlords are inexperienced and a potential NIGHTMARE for you !!   If they’re a FIRST time landlord who simply can’t sell thier home, I would RUN, don’t walk, Run away from that rental.   

NONE of these apply to me.   I’ve been a landlord for over 20 years and I’m looking for a stable, long term tenant or lease purchase.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a showing, please contact me at REMAX Home Team, office: 856-374-2800 x106, or email any questions that you have.  You can download my rental application here Rental Application (1024).

Thanks for Reading !
Joe Montenigro
REMAX Home Team

PS: You can see more pictures of the bedrooms on this Virtual tour…..

Play VisualTour
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Before & After Picts- Hobart Dr rehab


Gloucester Twp homes for sale in South Jersey
Hobart Drive, Laurel Springs, NJ 08021  for sale.

Hi Everyone,   It’s Joe Montenigro from REMAX Home Team with a short video with some Before and After picts of my most recent rehab…..This one is sold already but if you know someone looking for a nice home in south jersey, share my website with them or call me with thier info.

Thanks for Reading !
Joe Montenigro
REMAX Home Team

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25 Tomlinson Ave, Clementon NJ Homes for sale in South Jersey Real Estate market

Clementon homes for sale South Jersey
25 Tomlinson Ave, Clementon NJ 08021  for sale. View Larger Map

Hi Everyone,   It’s Joe Montenigro from REMAX Home Team with a short video about 25 Tomlinson Ave in Clementon NJ to show you a few things that you might not have seen on the still photos….. Mainly, what a GREAT location this property has !!   With all the Subdivisions in South Jersey, it’s nice to finally see a house that FEELS like it’s out in the woods but your really close to everything.    I guess it’s just the way the house sits on the lot that when you look out from the front porch it feels very private and it’s nice wooded setting.   So, hopefully the video helps show that a little better that the still pictures.

Thanks for Reading !
Joe Montenigro
REMAX Home Team

View Larger Map

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Fraud is like Pornography…I can’t always define it, but I know it when I see it!

Patrick the Starfish

I was talking with a real estate investor recently and he presented me with an unusual scenario, hypothetical I hope! I’ll change the names just to protect the innocent… so let’s just call this real estate investor, Mr T.Patrick the Starfish

So Mr T is wondering this…. If he finds a homeowner in foreclosure with no chance of recovery and offers to buy the home for $1000 subject to the existing mortgage. He gets the deed and records it, then looks for a tenant or otherwise homeless person to rent the house to with no intention of bringing the mortgage current. Let’s assume for the sake of argument that the home seller and the tenant are fully aware of the situation and they’re ok with it…. although they’re probably idiots, but let’s not ruin our fun just yet.

He rents the house until the bank forecloses and then walks away. The bank will likely offer the tenant a renewal lease or cash for keys to move out. Everyone’s happy?

Maybe I’m having a brain fart right now, but I can’t think of an actual law that’s being broken….. Can you?? I know there’s fraud in there somewhere, I just can’t define it. What law is actually being broken and will this backfire on Mr T ?

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Feedback or bad Negotiating ?

feedback image

I guess if I ask a dumb question I get a dumb answer….. like what did you think of the price?  feedback image

South Jersey Home Sellers

Almost every seller wants Feedback from the buyer after showings on their property. What they want is a honest and objective assessment of the property and what they can do to improve the saleability or if anything will entice the buyer to make a reasonable offer.

What we often GET instead of Feedback is a bit of Pre-offer negotiations with the buyer’s agent saying the property is overpriced !  So with the vast majority of responses saying the property is overpriced, I think I could be selling a $1 bill for 50 cents and they’d STILL say it’s overpriced.   So does that really help the buyer in the negotiations, IF they even make an offer?   I don’t think so.

Then if we do get the low offer, the agent explains all the reasons why the buyer doesn’t really like the property. Oh Really??!! Then why on earth are they making an offer ?? Now THAT’s really bad negotiationg !!