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3 Lease Purchase Myth Busters

South Jersey Lease Purchase Homes  cartoon house

It seems to me that people get caught up in looking for a lease purchase because they think that it’s somehow better than renting…. in most cases, and this is just my opinion,  it’s NOT.    Maybe it makes them “feel” better than renting?

  1. Myth Buster 1…..The truth is that if you don’t clean up your credit so you can get a mortgage your wonderful Lease Purchase ends up being aregular old rental and if you don’t pay the rent,

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Get on FaceBook… 6 steps to sending referrals to your favorite Realtor

Hello my Facebook buddies…..We all like our friends, right?  So here are 6 easy steps on how to take care of your friends who are looking to buy a home in South Jersey… and how to send a referral to your Favorite Realtor…… uhmm, that’s me…. and of course I’ll make sure they get the best service,

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