Feedback or bad Negotiating ?

I guess if I ask a dumb question I get a dumb answer….. like what did you think of the price?  feedback image

South Jersey Home Sellers

Almost every seller wants Feedback from the buyer after showings on their property. What they want is a honest and objective assessment of the property and what they can do to improve the saleability or if anything will entice the buyer to make a reasonable offer.

What we often GET instead of Feedback is a bit of Pre-offer negotiations with the buyer’s agent saying the property is overpriced !  So with the vast majority of responses saying the property is overpriced, I think I could be selling a $1 bill for 50 cents and they’d STILL say it’s overpriced.   So does that really help the buyer in the negotiations, IF they even make an offer?   I don’t think so.

Then if we do get the low offer, the agent explains all the reasons why the buyer doesn’t really like the property. Oh Really??!! Then why on earth are they making an offer ?? Now THAT’s really bad negotiationg !!

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