How’s the market?

It’s a question that I get all the time…. but what’s the REAL question? Maybe some people are just making small talk because they know I’m a broker but many, I believe, want to know if it’s OK to buy a home. Watching the news is scarey and there’s no question-mark1shortage of uncertainty in the real estate markets, so what’s the right thing to do… buy now or wait til the market hits bottom?

Well…. How will you know when the market hits bottom? Will you rely on the nightly news? When will THEY know? Home sale statistics don’t come out for a few months AFTER the fact… so you won’t know we hit the “bottom” until AFTER it’s past…. then you’ll be buying on the way UP! That’s not good either.

Here’s the short answer. Buy now for the long term. That’s it. It’s that simple so let’s not overcomplicate it. If you’re not ready to own the property for the next 3 to 8 years, don’t buy it. If you are ready, then it’s an absolutely GREAT time to buy a property. Prices are down, there are fewer competing buyers in the marketplace, interest rates are very very good, and there’s a bigger selection of homes by double.

The truth is, most people buy or sell when it’s the right time for them and their family, not based on the market conditions. It would be silly to move and rearrange your life every time the market moved one way or the other. Buying and selling a home takes a lot of time, costs a lot of money and by it’s very nature, should be a long term decision.

The Conclusion? If the time is right for your family, 2009 is the right time to buy a home in the south jersey real estate market. It’s OK… and tell ’em I said so 🙂

Thanks for Reading,
Joe Montenigro
REMAX Home Team

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