Dear Seller, are you REALLY motivated?

…. or are you just wasting everyone’s time with an overpriced home?  house picture

I don’t know why ANY home seller would put themselves thru the pain and agony of trying to sell in this market unless they REALLY REALLY want or need to sell. Well, I do know the answer but it just pissed me off a little bit.  

They overprice their home and waste the resources of their agent because its FREE !! They don’t pay a dime unless the house sells and they know it never will ! Why are you wasting everyone’s time ??

Ask them if they would be willing to pay a monthly fee until the house sells and watch how fast that For Sale sign comes off the lawn! Frankly, it would be better for everyone if they took that overpriced turkey off the market!

What are these listing agents thinking? Can’t you just say NO to an overpriced listing? Are you afraid to ask the tough questions to your sellers… like “why do really want to move?” or “what will you do if your house doesn’t sell?”. Not only should the seller’s pay a monthly fee, the AGENTS should have to pay a monthly fee too !! Maybe THEN we’d see some of them get out of the business !! Hey I can dream can’t I ?

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