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Some people are really crazy, but when buying a home in South Jersey I think many people might qualify as temporarily insane!   Everyone wants a good deal, but no one seems to know how to define it. If you don’t take the time to define it, how will you know when you got it? lucy
I remember the story of the world’s greatest archer, who was asked to shoot an arrow at the target while blindfolded !   He said, that was CRAZY…. how could he shoot a target that he couldn’t see !?    He was then asked, how could he shoot a target that he didn’t even HAVE ??!!

Here’s part 1 of the answer on how to find a good deal on a South Jersey home… perhaps you want to lie down on the couch, relax and close your eyes….. and just so you know, this part has nothing to do with money and everything to do with defining your needs and wants.   It might sound cliche, but money isn’t everything.    Think about your needs and wants and imagine the type of home you might find in the South Jersey real estate market.     How do you FEEL about this home?  Could you see yourself living there, waking up in the morning, having breakfast and looking out the window.  How do you feel arriving home from a hard day at work?  How would you feel about showing your new home to family members or friends?   Imagine how you might feel sitting in your home on a weekend afternoon with nothing in particular to do… does it feel right?  or not so much?   Write down some of these feelings and the desired feelings and what do you believe is making you feel that way.   Write them down so you can review them later…..  this is your TARGET.    This is what your looking for.

Call me, I’ll help you find a home to match your target.

Joe Montenigro
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One comment on “South Jersey Real Estate Broker….part time Psychologist
  1. Tony Baumer says:

    Good advice, how many times have people wanted to see the house of their dreams only to realize it’s not waht they wanted after all.

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