what do you WANT? ….just TELL ME !!

(Warning… rant about to start) I just LOVE IT when an investor/ home buyer tells me they want a “good deal”. Thank you, Captain Obvious, I didn’t know that.

So what if you went into a diner to eat and said…. “give me something that tastes good” …they would look at you kinda funny, right? Let’s say that they played along with you and brought you out a cheeseburger, but you don’t want it and you say “no thank you”. So they go back in the kitchen and bring you a nice steak, but you don’t want that either. Ok, fine….they bring you bowl of pasta? No. How about fish? No. Maybe a nice bowl of soup? Nope. At what point does the waitress crack you in the head with a frying pan because you’re a moron? frying-pan-head

So I get a phone call on one of my bank owned listings from an “investor” who says he wants a good deal… any price range in any area of South Jersey any kind of house. Ok, well, what do you have in mind? do you want to rent it or flip it? He doesn’t really care but he also owns a big home with no mortgage and is thinking of downsizing and buying something for himself to live in and he’s also keeping an eye open for his daughter to buy something because the market is so good to buy good deals. Ok, Mr Super Investor, I know this is my lucky day because I’ve been graced with the honor of your phone call and you’ve just told me how you want to buy or sell 3 homes (or was it 4 homes) in the next 24 hours and I know you’re obviously a big shot, because you just kinda told me so and only the really really SMART investors remember to tell me that they’re looking for a “good deal”. After 20 minutes on the phone, I was looking for that frying pan to crack MYSELF in the head when he concluded with “call me if you find anything that you think I might like” Ugggg… if I only knew what the heck that was !!!

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