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The Hidden Killer contingency every Home Seller should look for

contractSouth Jersey Real Estate Broker exposes a hidden deal killer

Yes…it’s a killer and it’s quite hidden until you know exactly where to look for it.  

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Get on FaceBook… 6 steps to sending referrals to your favorite Realtor

Hello my Facebook buddies…..We all like our friends, right?  So here are 6 easy steps on how to take care of your friends who are looking to buy a home in South Jersey… and how to send a referral to your Favorite Realtor…… uhmm, that’s me…. and of course I’ll make sure they get the best service,

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South Jersey REALTOR works for FREE… and sometimes BEER

beer_mugIf you never knew  (or never really cared)  how real estate agents get paid, you might be surprised that we actually work for Free !   Yes it’s true…. kind of.

When selling your South Jersey home, we enter into a listing agreement which explains that my brokerage fee is contingent upon successfully selling your home.     

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