Month: March 2009

The Hidden Killer contingency every Home Seller should look for

South Jersey Real Estate Broker exposes a hidden deal killer Yes…it’s a killer and it’s quite hidden until you know exactly where to look for it.  

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Get on FaceBook… 6 steps to sending referrals to your favorite Realtor

Hello my Facebook buddies…..We all like our friends, right?  So here are 6 easy steps on how to take care of your friends who are looking to buy a home in South Jersey… and how to send a referral to your Favorite

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South Jersey REALTOR works for FREE… and sometimes BEER

If you never knew  (or never really cared)  how real estate agents get paid, you might be surprised that we actually work for Free !   Yes it’s true…. kind of. When selling your South Jersey home, we enter into a

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