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Agent Monkey knife fights & showing houses

by Joe Montenigro on June 29, 2011 · 1 comment
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In a Monkey knife fight, I’m not so sure I could beat a monkey… they’re pretty wiley. In fact, I think they could show a houses better than most real estate agents…. I know they could figure out the keys and locks…. and if Monkeys could actually drive a car, they might beat a lot of agents. monkey picture

But being a good agent is really about giving good ADVICE ! That’s why it still bugs the SHIT out of me when people only want an agent to play like a monkey and unlock doors for them !! And just when my cynical inner voice is ready to condemn the masses, I get compliments like this from one of my sellers…..

I trust your judgment. On that note I can not thank you enough , you have gone above and beyond. When I went randomly searching for a realtor I had high expectations. You have exceeded them.

You understand the situation my sister and I are dealing with . You have not only lent your professional expertise but the personal touch for lack of a better word restores my faith that there are people like us still out there. Honest with a good values …AGAIN ..can’t thank you enough

JUST GREAT! (sarcasm) Someone actually WANTS what I have to OFFER…. Experience & Advice !!    Does this mean I have to be nice to people again!? 😉

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