How to Ask for home inspection repairs

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A buyer should ask ONLY for things that if not done, they would back out of the purchase of the home. This is a unique and personal choice based on the circumstances…. and that’s the type of advice and guidance a good agent can give you because they’ve been there with you thru the whole process.  image of a house

Some buyers try to “get something” from the seller just because they think they can. Some Agents try to enhance their buyer’s bargain by “seeing what they can get” from the seller. I find both approaches distasteful, dishonest and synonymous with stealing.

The home inspection is designed to give the buyer a chance to back out of a deal if they discover a major problem and to give the seller an opportunity to resolve a major problem that’s just been discovered. The home inspection is NOT an opportunity to give the seller your laundry list of repairs or improvements that you want done! This is NOT an opportunity for you to enhance your bargain. This is NOT the time to address repair issues that you could/should have seen with your own eyes before you made your offer. This is NOT the time to cover your own lack of home repair experience, your fear of home repair uncertainty or your lack home repair dollars by trying to shift YOUR responsibilities to the seller. If you bargained for an inexpensive home that needs work, that’s what you should get. If that’s not really what you want or what you can handle, then you should back out of the purchase and find another home instead of trying to get something for nothing from the seller.

Remember, ONLY ask for the items you’re willing to back out over. That’s not to say those items will be “reasonable” or even acceptable to the seller, but you will know exactly where you stand on the purchase and you won’t have any regrets later if you get the house or not. Good Luck!

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