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What are Points and why do I care?

Points are the closest thing to legalized bribery!   When applying for a mortgage to buy a house, you can pay the lender a fee to get a better interest rate.   The fee is called a point and is 1% of

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What’s my mortgage payment gonna be ??

Even though there are tons of mortgage calculators on the web, here’s a quick and easy way to ballpark your monthly mortgage payment in your head.    If the house is $200,000, just multiply by 10% and subtract “a little bit”

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How’s the market?

It’s a question that I get all the time…. but what’s the REAL question? Maybe some people are just making small talk because they know I’m a broker but many, I believe, want to know if it’s OK to buy

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Not all REO’s are toilets!

I was talking with buyer recently who was looking for a home in my neck of the woods in South Jersey and he made some comments that he though all bank owned properties were in bad condition… the technical real

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