Top 3 Mistakes Home buyers make

I’m sure I’ll think of several more common mistakes as soon as I’m done typing this 🙂   As a full time real estate broker in South Jersey, I see this kind of thing all the time as I list and sell homes.   So here they are, in no particular order….

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  1. waiting for the “bottom”….the stats don’t come out for months after the fact and then you will be buying on the way UP… when everyone else is also buying… which means more competition from other buyers and less selection of homes to choose from.
  2. don’t get prequalified for a mortgage First….   You will waste time and effort by not looking in the appropriate price range.   If you start too high, you won’t like the lower priced homes that you can afford.   If you start off too low, you will be discouraged that these homes aren’t as nice as you expected.    If it turns our you can’t qualify for a mortgage right now… well, shame on both of us for wasting each others time.
  3. don’t find the right agent /good agent first….  Many buyers meet their agent by chance and after they’re involved and maybe found a house, they realize they’re not getting the advice and guidance that they need or expect.   Find the right agent FIRST.   We all have access to the same homes, so why not use the agent best suited for you!

See below is a constantly updated list of homes in the South Jersey area…. if you would like a list of homes that match YOUR price range and desired towns, just send me an email or you can search homes here on your own.

Joe Montenigro,   REMAX Home Team,    (856)374-2800

South Jersey Real Estate Listings in 08012

[idx-listings zip=”08012″ minprice=”200000″ maxprice=”300000″ propertytypes=”424,431,430,429″ orderby=”DateAdded” orderdir=”DESC” count=”20″]

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